Mares Super Channel Fins with Bungee Straps

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The Mares Avanti Super Channel Open Heel Fin (OH) with bungee strap is the perfect combination of comfort, power and efficiency in one fin. The new blade design with large central super channel and 2-traditional lateral channels provide excellent thrust while maintaining high efficiency and minimal leg fatigue. The fin blade is made of Thermoplastic rubber and Tecralene a rugged and durable construction. The blade with its 3-channels optimizes water flow. Channel Thrust: Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort. The range of sizes is complete, in multiple sizes to better accommodate all requirements, including those of women and younger divers.

The Mares bungee fin straps where created as a smart alternative to the steel spring straps, this unique fin strap relegates adjusting a fin strap to a thing of the past. Bungees exceed steel springs in all aspects: Higher elastic properties, unaffected by sun, salt and chemical agents, lower weight and lower cost, and Mares has 40 years of experience using bungees as a key element in spear guns.

With the new Mares bungee strap donning and doffing a fin is a breeze and the comfort during the dive is guaranteed by the new ergonomic heel cover. The heel cover comes equipped with a large hand loop allowing easy pull-to-stretch the bungee strap effortlessly over the heel of your foot. Fins are available in multiple colors and have a blade length of 14.6" (37cm)In regular size.

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