Dive Rite Nomad LS Sidemount System

Dive Rite Nomad LS Sidemount System

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The next evolution in Nomad Side-Mount has come with the introduction of the Nomad LS Side-Mount System. The Nomad LS builds on its "L" series predecessors to be the most streamline and capable system in the family. The extremely durable exterior Super-Fabric material a double ply 600 denier fabric is resistant to the elements of diving, whether diving on a quiet reef, pushing deep into a cave system, or scooting through a deck opening on a wreck dive. With the inflator and exhaust valves placed at the front/inside of the wing and not on the exterior, the valves are safe and free from exposure. 

With 35 lbs. (15.8 kg) of lift from a heavy duty 420 denier nylon laminated with radio frequency (RF) welded seam bladder and a low profile design, the Nomad LS performs in all levels of side-mount diving. With additional lift typically needed toward the lower back when side-mounting, the combination of its diamond shape and contour of the bladder create this lift achieving the optimum trim. A unique zero lift baffle at the top of the wing allows for air travel to the top dump, but prevents an air bubble from forming. 

A deluxe-style webbing harness using pivot rings on the shoulders provides a comfortable and customizable fit for nearly any size diver. The Super-Fabric shoulder strap pads provide added durability from abrasions along with a channel on the left shoulder strap for the exhaust valve's pull dump cord allowing for easy access. The cross-chest strap and a 2" (5 cm) padded crotch strap holds the harness securely in place, preventing unwanted shifting or movement of the harness no matter what type of diving you're doing. Crotch strap comes equipped with scooter ring. The harness on the LS is removable if it needs to be replaced in the future. 

With the valves on the front/inside of the wing, the16" (30.4 cm) corrugated inflator hose routes from the bottom/right of the wing up the diver's side and secures to the chest, shoulder strap D-ring with a bungee loop for easy access. A second dump valve is located at the bottom, left corner of the wing. With the versatility of the Nomad LS and the ability to customize to your preference, the corrugated inflator hose and left-side dump valve can be used on either side of the wing by simply unscrewing each valve and swapping positions. With a third dump valve located at the top/inside of the wing with a pull cord routed down the left shoulder strap, there are multiple, easy access points to vent air from the wing with either hand. An optional 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) lift-capacity bailout bladder is available for divers needing a redundant source of buoyancy. 

The Nomad LS includes Dive Rite's Adjustable Bungee System (ABS), which allows for easy length adjustment to fit any diver without needing to tie knots. The ABS also allows a diver to use any bungee configuration they desire, including: ring bungee, loop bungee with snap, and loop bungee. A set of chokers are included for divers using Dive Rite's ring bungee and choker method. The butt plate, made of reinforced nylon to provide the proper amount of rigidity to hold tanks in position and eliminate sag along with two stainless steel rails, provides the lower attachment point for cylinders. The Nomad LS weighs 5.7 lbs. (2.59 kg), comes with an owner's manual, 3/8" threaded quick connect low pressure hose and is proudly made in the USA.


Dive Rite Nomad LS Side-Mount System Features

  • Dive Rite Nomad LS Side-Mount System:
  • Next Evolution in Nomad Side-Mount
  • Most Streamline and Capable System In-the-Family
  • Extremely Durable Exterior Super-Fabric:  
    Resistant to Elements of Diving On: 
    Quiet Reefs 
    Pushing Deep into Cave Systems 
    Scooting Thru-a-Deck-Opening on a Wreck Dive 
    Outer Shell: Double Ply 600-Denier Fabric 
    Inner Bladder 420-Denier Laminated w/Polyurethane 
    Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams for Airtight Int
  • Lift Capacity: 35 lbs. (15.8 kg)
  • Bailout Bladder (optional) Lift Capacity: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Hose: 16" (30.4 cm) Corrugated with Inflate/Deflate Valve
  • Exhaust Valves: 
    One Pull-Dump Top, Center 
    One Pull Dump Bottom/Left Corner of Wing 
    Configurable w/Corrugated Hose On Left or Right Side of Wing
  • Cylinder Attachment: 
    Adjustable Bungee System; 30? (76.2 cm) Bungee for Each Side Adjustment 
    2? (5.1 cm) Stainless Ring 
    Medium Stainless Steel Quick Link 
    Medium Stainless Steel Snap 
    Chokers for Use w/Dive Rite's Ring Bungee and Choker Method 
    Butt Plate; Reinforced Nylon, Provide Proper Rigidity to Hold Tanks i
  • Crotch Strap: 2" (5 cm) Padded Strap with Scooter Ring
  • Hardware: Marine Grade Stainless Steel Thru-Out
  • D-Rings: 
    Custom Low Profile Angled D-Rings On Chest 
    2 On Waist 
    2 Each On Shoulders Straps
  • Sizing: One Size Fits All (comes sized as large and can be adjusted as needed to resize)
  • 3/8" Threaded Quick Connect Low Pressure Hose
  • Owner's Manual
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs. (2.59 kg)
  • Made in USA