Epsealon Black Fusion 5mm Yamamoto Open-cell Freedive Full Suit

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The Dark Fusion wetsuit is the result of a collaboration between NOOTICA and EPSEALON

At Nootica, we wanted to create a brand-new high-quality wetsuit with a unique camouflage pattern.

Many tests have been carried out to find the perfect colours for this wetsuit. We wanted to come up with a wetsuit that really stands out when out of the water, but allows for discreet spearfishing under the water, which is its primary function.

The Dark Fusion wetsuit is a Nootica exclusive and a limited edition!

Key areas


Several key areas have been reinforced, just like with the older Epsealon wetsuits

- Supratex reinforcement at knees

- Supratex reinforcement at bottom

- Sealing sleeves at wrists and ankles prevent water from entering the wetsuit

- New two-part chest pad

Seams and glueing


The Dark Fusion wetsuit 2019 boasts Epsealon's widely acclaimed know-how in the manufacturing of spearfishing wetsuits. This specific version has been further improved, and Epsealon paid particular attention to the finish of the product:

- Polyglut reinforcement at seams

- Golden Epsealon logo

Yamamoto neoprene


Yamamoto neoprene is made from Nigata limestone, a city in Japan. As opposed to most neoprene fabrics which derive from petroleum, Yamamoto neoprene is eco-friendly and made up of about 99.7% of calcium carbonate, patented by Yamamoto.

Eco-friendly Yamamoto neoprene features a closed-cell structure which gives it superior quality. Yamamoto neoprene is therefore more resistant to water, lighter, warmern more flexible and hard-wearing. Thanks to these characteristics, it is perfect for making high-end wetsuits.


Besides, Yamamoto neoprene is known to cause fewer allergies than traditional neoprenes. Most wetsuits on the market are made of materials that are derived from petroleum which may irritate the skin.

On the other hand, Yamamoto neoprene is not a derivative of Petroleum but is made from limestone. This material is gentler to the skin and almost never causes skin rash.

New camouflage pattern


This Nootica exclusive wetsuit offers a gorgeous mix of charcoal grey, black and golden sparkles. The result is a stunning wetsuit that really stands out.

Under the water, the black and charcoal turn into a dark blue colour with ochre hues for total discretion.